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The answers to your business problems are just an e-mail or phone call away. Contact us at 573-355-5044 or by email at to reach one of our professional staff who can answer your questions and provide general troubleshooting assistance.

You can receive help with computer configuration issues, discuss software problems, report network access difficulties, hardware malfunctions, or get advice on just about any technical issue you may have. We have experience in fixing hardware, detecting malware & hacking, and updating & monitoring software, just to name a few things that we can do for you!

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Why Choose Slack Space, LLC

Companies depend on their IT systems to be working correctly. Having a reliable, client-focused company working with you is a must in our competitive business environment. Slack Space's local team will act as your company's very own IT department.



Donald Warren


Slack Space’s CEO/CIO, Donald Warren, believes in thinking outside the box and bringing new & innovative ideas to the table. Donald has experience in multiple areas of expertise, including electronics repair, computer repair, network security, forensics, and telephony, just to name a few. He has worked in many service industries, and has found the one thing that all businesses have in common. That commonality is the need for reliable technology services! Most businesses want to focus on their clients, and just want the technology to work. Donald has set out to do just that.

Using his experience and education, Donald sets out to fulfill the technological business needs of each of his clients, building lasting relationships with businesses and people in the Mid-Missouri area.

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